Esso Les Carnaux
The erection of scaffolding for industry, particularly in the petro chemical sector, is FICEP's main line of business accounting for 80% of our turnover.

Erecting or dismounting scaffolds is our specialist area. Our scaffolding components are in modular form for quick and multipurpose installation. Whether in metal or in wood formats, all our equipment corresponds to the very latest technological advance and safety rules and standards.
TRD BAC The contracts successfully completed by FICEP are the proof of our specialist capability in this sector and the quality of our workforce.

Whatever construction you may have FICEP can scaffold it; from bells to balloons, from bridges to buildings in all shapes and sizes !

Some of our references :
Les Carnaux - ESSO SAF (Port-Jérôme), The Trouville Casino, The Brotonne bridge in Normandy, The Saint-Nazaire Portique, Yvetot Townhall (76) ...

Esso Les Carnaux Casino de Trouville Esso Les Carnaux
Ballon 2D14-2D1B Esso ECP - Bac TK1910 - intérieur
Thomson Radar Portique Saint-Nazaire SHMPP Bac 92 Réservoir Le Havre
Mairie d'Yvetot Clocher de Gerville Chevron Chemical